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Life is complicated enough, so at MidTown Pharmacy, our goal is to make things easy for you! We offer:

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Get Vaccines, Free Kids Vitamins and More

Whether it’s a flu shot you need or a B12 or Testosterone shot, we’ve got you covered.  We also offer each child in your family a free 30-day supply of Health Mart’s Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamins each month, as well as other things you might want or need like stamps, snacks and drinks, household items, and more.


The Simple Sync process puts you in control of your medications and enhances your overall care by coordinating all of your medications into one monthly pick-up.  This means fewer trips and more convenience for you.

Blister Packaging

MidTown Pharmacy is happy to offer our valued customers unit-dose blister packaging of their over-the-counter drugs.  The main advantages of these blister packs over other methods of packing pharmaceutical products are the assurance of product/packaging integrity (including shelf-life) of each individual dose and the ability to create a compliance pack or calendar pack by printing the days of the week above each dose.

Blister packs are created by using of a form-fill-seal process from rolls of flat sheet or film, which is filled with the pharmaceutical product and then closed (sealed). This extra step in packaging makes taking medication correctly a more simple, straightforward process for our customers.  It’s easy to see what dosage needs to be taken and to keep up with when it has already been taken or needs to be taken. Blister packaging is just another way we do our best to make things easy for our customers.

Hub Lockers

At MidTown Pharmacy, in our constant quest to provide services that are helpful to our customers, we’ve become a Hub Locker location.  A Hub Locker is simply a set of lockers where packages are delivered and stored.  This means no more worrying about packages left at your door while you’re out. Just designate our hub lockers at checkout when placing your order online, then come in to our store during business hours and your package will be there – safe, secure and waiting for you. To retrieve your parcel, you just enter the pick-up code into the system and the corresponding door will open.  Your package will be waiting inside.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Durable medical equipment is medical equipment used in the home to aid in a better quality of living. Most insurance plans cover it, and the following is a list of some of the DME items we carry:

Diabetic Supplies

At MidTown Pharmacy, we are here to assist you with any diabetic need you may have. We carry a variety of diabetic supplies and products, including diabetic socks and diabetic-friendly shoes. We can order brands like Dr. Comfort and I-Runner. We also carry test strips, and if you buy $10 worth, you get a free glucose meter!